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THIRD Magazine Issue #1

20 USD

THIRD aims to denaturalize the rote narratives through which our society views art made by Others. For Issue #1, we found artists who tell stories from the perspective of those who were not on the winning side of history, but whose art flourished despite attempts to silence it.

The first issue is 150 ad-free pages filled with images, conversations, visual and written essays that reflect unique perspectives on identity, interiority, and imagination. Those featured include artists, activists, designers, directors, writers, and poets. Each copy of THIRD Issue #1 includes two limited edition inserts: a #BrownUpYourFeed activity pamphlet by Mandy Harris Williams and an 11x17" art print by Marco Kane Braunschweiler.

Issue #1 features: Martine Syms, Kandis Williams, Ruben Rodriguez, Marcel Alcalá, Peter Shire, Sara Grace Powell, Brandon Landers, Molly Matalon, Douglas Kearney, Adjustments Agency and more.

THIRD is printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper with soy-based inks.
Design: Gabby Datau